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The Dreamland Chronicles

Το νέο webcomic που εντόπισα, με πώρωσε, και διάβασα μέσα σε μία μέρα: τρισδιάστατα ψηφιακά γραφικά, σε στυλ που θυμίζει έντονα Pixar και με σενάριο που μπορούσε άνετα να γίνει ταινία της Disney. Παρά το παραμυθένιο setting και το παιδικό premise, διαβάζεται άνετα από όλες τις ηλικίες (κι επιτρέψτε μου να παρατηρήσω πως ένας ενήλικας μπορεί να εκτιμήσει περισσότερο το hawt-ness της Kiwi!).

The Dreamland Chronicles was originally created as a comic book series. The first 3 issues hit comic shops from 2003-2005. In January of 2006…The Dreamland Chronicles started its adventure as an online comic. Since then it’s found over 1,000,000 new readers Worldwide!
The Dreamland Chronicles is an All Ages comic that updates every Monday through Friday.

About the Story…

Ever since he could remember, Alexander was a dreamer.
Every night when he would go to sleep he would enter a world called Dreamland. Nightly he would have adventures with his very best friends, Kiwi the fairy, Paddington Rumblebottom the rock boy, and Nastajia the princess of elves.
Together they would fly on winged horses, swim with mermaids, battle nightmare pirates, and chase after one eyed giants.

On his 12th birthday, while in Dreamland Alexander uncovers a lost tomb. Inside he finds a sword, and guarding it…a dragon.
Before the dragon can kill him, Alexander wakes up…never to dream again.

Now…eight years later, Alexander finds a pendant that lets him travel back to the place of his childhood dreams.
Rediscovering this magical world for the first time since his youth he meets his childhood friends who are also now grown up.


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